Who or what is Meerkat Mail?

Meerkat Mail is a bulk email marketing provider enabling our customers to create content rich emails utilising our easy to use mailing application. It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or just a beginner in the industry,  the idea that email marketing should be accessible to everyone, as simple as possible. We will assist you through the entire process.

As one of our customers, you can:

  • Manage daily, weekly, monthly or yearly email campaigns from your dashboard
  • Create and/or upload html templates for your email campaigns
  • Schedule your email campaigns anytime in the future
  • Schedule recurring campaigns
  • View stats like:
    • Soft/hard bounces
    • Views
    • Click rates
    • Open rates
    • Subscribes/unsubscribes to specific lists
  • Select a specific price plan based on your monthly email sends
  • Request a quote for a tailored package based on monthly email sends and marketing objectives. We will help you build your campaign from start to finish. Click here to request a quote now.
  • Embed subscribe forms onto your website (plugin available for WordPress)
  • Use our own delivery server or your own
  • Detailed reporting
  • Exporting and importing of contacts via text files, csv files or even MySql databases

Select one of our 7 available Price Plans

How does Meerkat Mail work?

After registering as a customer, you can select on of our 7 price plans to get started. The credits will be immediately added to your account. After which you can then create your list(s) and import your contacts in a variety of ways:

  1. Import via txt file
  2. Import via csv file
  3. Import via MySql database
  4. Manually add

After creating your list(s), then its over to the templates. You can create fantastic email templates in a variety of way:

  1. Use our very easy to use drag and drop editor
  2. Upload your own html template
  3. Use one of our 10 pre-configured templates
  4. Code your own with the help of an html editor, see below.

What Happens when you send out an Email? 

The process of email delivery is similar to a classic email, an organised system takes care of your envelope and through a series of steps it drops it off to your recipient. Meerkat Mail acts like the postman.

How Can We Help You?

With our many years experience in the digital marketing industry, we can assist you in a variety of way:

  • Help you build your html templates for sending specific content like newsletters, company profiles, product launches and general flyers
  • Offer you a tailored package based on your specific monthly sends and marketing objectives. Click here to request a quote now.

What is the hosting for? 

When Meerkat Mail designs a flip-book edition of a Catalogue, Magazine and Company Profile you need to host it on the web. There are two options to choose from:

  • Self hosting where you host your flipbook on your website e.g – http://www.roydon.co.za/magazine or;
  • Meerkat Mail will do the hosting and setup for you at R495 with renewal options available e.g – http://www.meerkatmail.co.za/roydon/magazine

What is a Flip-book?

A Flip-book is an interactive, animated digital online publication which is view-able on any devices including PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone/iPod, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablets and other mobile devices.

A Flip-book has the ability to automatically import hyperlinks from your PDF. You can also manually insert links, including internal/external links, goto page links, play audio links, play video links, display image links, show message links etc etc.

What is a Soft & Hard Bounced email?

It’s a message sent to a recipient whose incoming server has refused: so even if the email has been correctly sent out, it has not been delivered.

  • Soft bounce is “temporary”: the email is rejected because the server is down, the recipient’s inbox is full, or there’s an auto-reply activated.
  • Hard bounce, on the contrary, is permanent: the incoming email cannot be delivered because the address is invalid or non-existent, or your outgoing server has been blocked.

Meerkat Mail dashboard allows you to get real-time statistics about all bounced emails and to export this and other reports in a spreadsheet.

How to Manage Bounce, Spam and Unsubscribe

Keeping your email list clean (composed only by active addresses) is essential to enhance your delivery rate. That is why Meerkat Mail offers a complete range of tools that will help you to do so: a bounce, spam and unsubscribe tracking system.

On our advanced dashboard you will keep track of all this issues, address by address, with a handy real-time feed

Meerkat Mail suggests the following to avoid Spam

  • Write a light, coherent and compelling content. The maximum weight of an email should be around 90Kb. Don’t exceed with images and keep a good balance between them and pure text.
  • Always provide a direct unsubscribe link in the footer. So that the user can opt out easily from your newsletter, without labelling it as spam (which will hurt your deliverability). Also, write short subjects without abusing of critical words like “free”, “click here” or “cash”.
  • Use a professional SMTP service like Meerkat Mail, that will send your messages using only IPs with a high reputation (that is, only reliable protocols: not shared with spammy users or that risk to end up in a blacklist).
  • Always send emails to a permission-based list. Never buy databases or collect addresses casually on the web: your communication should always be directed to people who opted in.

What is real time click and open tracking?

Meerkat Mail dashboard provides a real-time, accurate statistics of clicks and openings – giving you both the general rates and the status of each recipient, allowing you to know every time who and when the recipient has interacted with your email: